Tools to fit your investing style


Build a custom, diversified portfolio.

A diverse portfolio can help protect you when the market fluctuates. PortfolioBuilder1 lets you choose up to 6-8 exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and buy them all together in one portfolio for only $18.95. Each ETF is from a well-known fund family, and each portfolio you build will be only $18.95 to buy. Looking to sell your entire portfolio? You’ll only be charged a flat price of $18.95 as well. And you can use it no matter what type of account you choose. Intrigued? Learn more about PortfolioBuilder.

Keep in mind, if you choose to rebalance or buy and sell individual securities in your portfolio, standard trading prices will apply (see our pricing and rates).

ShareBuilder Investment Plan

Make investing a habit.

Investing the same amount in the same security each month may help you pay (on average) less per share over time. ShareBuilder2 is one way to set up these recurring investments and accumulate partial shares to build your portfolio. Pick the investment, set the schedule and turn it on or off at any time. Each investment is only $3.95 base commission.

How it works

  1. Select from over 7,000 stocks and ETFs
  2. Schedule investments on a one-time, weekly, biweekly or monthly basis
  3. Invest any dollar amount on Tuesdays, exclusively online

Investment and funding instructions can be edited up to 5 PM ET on the Monday before your purchase. All sales are made real-time and are subject to real-time commissions. Standard commissions will apply to sell investments (see our pricing and rates).

Reinvest your dividends, free.

Automatically reinvest dividends and gains paid by securities, including ADRs, partial shares and stocks under $4.00. It’s another form of dollar-based investing and one way to grow your position over time. And here, there’s no commission cost to do it.

Retire MyWay®

Check the pulse of your retirement savings.

Our easy-to-use Retire MyWay3 calculator can help you estimate how much you can pay yourself each month when you retire. You can also see how changing how much you invest today could impact your future. It might give you some helpful insight into whether your current strategy is on track. Get your estimate.